Our services are designed to transform business challenges into innovation opportunities. 


Using high quality research, established innovation methodologies and strategic business frameworks, WHOA brings real-world experience to your challenges.

From whitespace insights, to entering new markets, or expanding beyond the core, our capabilities are designed to help companies discover and leverage their opportunities.



5 continents. 17 countries.
Thousands of hours
of immersive research.

We’re serious about research – even spending days at a time with customers to glean a deeper understanding of habits, mindsets and desires.  All this so that we can craft truly innovative products, services, and strategies.



Contextualizing the business, cultural and technological landscape to craft winning strategies for new innovations.

  • Trend research
  • Tech scouting
  • Secondary research analysis
  • Analogous industry research
  • Discovery

    Employing a wide array of qualitative research techniques to uncover how to better serve consumer needs.

  • Ethnography
  • Journal studies
  • In depth interviews
  • Mobile research
  • Film-making
  • Focus Groups
  • Co-Creation

    Involving customers in the design process is critical to the success of new products, services and ventures.

  • Usability tests
  • Collaborative journey mapping
  • Collaborative ideation
  • Expression Validation

    Expressing visual and tactile design with carefully considered input to best attract consumers.

  • Design probes
  • Design validation studies
  • Mood boards
  • Sketching and collage making


    Design thinking or classic frameworks.
    The secret is there is no secret.

    We use the right tool for the job, leveraging the best of what works into a personalized program designed to extract the maximum value out of your unique position. No secret recipes or branded methodologies, just results.


    Opportunity Identification

    Identifying gaps in consumer experience to better reveal ideal innovation opportunities.

  • Journey mapping
  • Customer value assessment
  • Personas
  • Ideation
  • Business Model Creation

    Building business models around the most promising innovation ideas to create tangible value for client and consumer.

  • Value Proposition development
  • Operating model design
  • Pricing
  • Positioning
  • Corporate Strategy

    Employing proven strategy techniques to get full understanding of what steps are needed to succeed in market.

  • SWOT
  • Five Forces
  • Go-to market strategies
  • Innovation Planning

    Closely collaborating with our partners ensure your innovation strategy pays off.

  • Organizational design
  • Product roadmapping
  • Investment planning and return assessments


    Dozens of patents and design awards.
    Millions sold.
    Billions in revenue.

    Design awards are great, but revenue is greater.  Not only has our design work been well received, honored with awards including the Red Dot and Spark Awards, but they continue to deliver serious measurable results.


    Industrial Design

    Building functional, beautiful products that address consumer wants and needs.

  • Concept creation
  • CAD
  • Production support / vendor liaison
  • Design language development
  • Service Design

    Considering every touchpoint to create a sustainable, successful service.

  • Service model creation
  • Operating model creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Roleplaying
  • Digital Design

    Designing for the digital age, crafting compelling experiences and easy consumer journeys.

  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Experience journeys
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping

    Building, iterating and testing everything – from physical products and digital prototypes to MVP versions of new business models.

  • Soft launches
  • Pop-up stores
  • Business value tests