We don’t have an “eye” for detail, the entire body of our business is built for it.


5 continents. 17 countries. Thousands of hours of immersive research.

Our team has conducted thousands of hours of ethnographic research on five continents to bring meaningful results for leading global brands across categories, including Transportation, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment and Tech.


Been there, done that. Ready for more.

We’ve interviewed, explored, prototyped and co-created for global brands in markets all around the world.




Some of the global brands our core team has worked with.


Case studies? Yep. Portfolio? Of course. Results? We’ve got them.

Two things to know about WHOA – 1: We’re very proud of the work we’ve done and 2: we’re very respectful of our clients’ privacy. That is to say, we happily share case studies with future partners on an individual basis.