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Who. What. WHOA.

You can only take so many half-baked strategies and mediocre results before consummate professionals actually say, “UGH.”  So, we created WHOA. 


Ross Mitchell

Partner | Research

With experience on both the agency and client side, Ross has led International Research and Innovation for both Ford and AT&T – on topics ranging from autonomous vehicles to new mobility ventures, and omni-channel retail transformation.  In addition he has developed projects for clients including Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, and Allergan across five continents.

Ross holds a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from RPI and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  As a graduate of Stanford’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship program along with the University of Georgia’s Marketing Research program, Ross' educational background incorporates a mix of social science research and business strategy.


Greg Vanderpol

Partner | Design

An award winning designer, Greg has driven human centered innovation programs across categories including consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, industrial, appliances, and lifestyle products. In addition to his experience as a designer and project manager, Greg has led co-creational studies and design validations in North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Greg's design experience varies from high volume consumer electronics to food and resource distribution services, treatments for chronic conditions, factory and logistics optimization, and smart home integration. Greg holds a number of domestic and international patents as well as design accolades including the Red Dot, and Spark awards.



How do you implement despite the challenges of corporate bureaucracies?

We’ve experienced these challenges first hand in organizations with tens to hundreds of thousands of employees. The default for a large organization is stasis, and there are many forces that conspire against change. WHOA incorporates a number of proven innovation techniques to foil the forces of corporate entropy. Resistance is futile.


Why are you focused on venture development?

We prefer to work with our partners on an end-to-end basis - from discovery through execution, because that's where we can make the most difference and ultimately deliver the most value for our clients.


What value do you provide that I can’t get out of my current relationships?

We are big company and agency veterans with deep subject matter expertise in automotive, consumer products, and the fusion of technology and entertainment. We cut to the chase and build serious results by leveraging our existing knowledge base, partners, and other relationships. We work hard, and relentlessly iterate until we arrive at the right solution. And then we start all over again.


How can you predict the future?

We have one of those folded paper fortune tellers from grade school that hasn’t let us down yet. Joking. We don't think anyone can. But we wrote a paper about ways to get better at it.  Check it out here.


Why did you name yourselves WHOA?

What were we going to do, name it after ourselves? We did it for the gifs. And also for the attention. You’ve read this far, right?