A Smart Watch to Help Users Take Control of Their Health

Two of the most important things users seek to control is their health and their data. One of the largest makers of smartwatches sought to enable users to take better control of both, through a concept that would provide insight on living a healthier lifestyle and a means to save on insurance by optionally leveraging their data.


The Issue

The smartwatch market is a busy and competitive one. Design and features help in differentiating devices, but making software and data relevant and practical for users is the key to ongoing engagement.

A major smartwatch manufacturer sought to do just this by creating a concept to enable users to take greater control of their health through actionable advice and control of their data through discounts with insurance partners. The team turned to WHOA to help improve the experience and position of the product.


The Solution

WHOA worked with the team to create a live beta test of the concept with users over three weeks. Users engaged with the beta product just as they would have if they purchased the watch and downloaded the software. Utilizing in-depth interviews and live product data, we worked with the product and marketing teams to improve the product and overall experience.

Services Provided

Whitespace Insights

In-Depth Discovery

Product Launch Strategies

New Directions


•   Ethnography
•   Diary Studies
•   Co-Creation
•   Product Testing
•   Analogous Product Research
•   Persona Development


•   Insights Share-Out
•   Design Strategy
•   Customer Videos
•   Iterative Product Refinements


Additional Case Studies