A Medical VR Startup Attempts to Relieve the Pain of Major Surgery

A Los Angeles based startup sought to bring the brain relaxing effects of Virtual Reality to the stress and pain-inducing surgical experience. We helped them uncover the needs of patients and the realities of gaining access to the perioperative surgical experience.


The Issue

Digital health and wellness is a nascent field of care. There are very few widely accepted tools, and almost none are FDA approved. The Los Angeles based startup we worked with was on a mission to change this by becoming a widely accepted and FDA approved pain management tool for patients as they undergo surgery. To accomplish this task, the team would need to understand patients and healthcare provider needs to craft a strategy for driving adoption amongst both.


The Solution

Working in very close collaboration with the startup team, we executed a large number of engagements with experts in the field of surgical care, hospital administration, and pain management to uncover some of the critical factors needed to craft a winning product and go-to-market strategy. Also, we engaged with patients undergoing significant surgical experiences (hip and knee replacement) to understand critical points along the patient journey and have these patients test the product. We utilized this data to develop the most effective product and marketing interventions possible.

Services Provided

Whitespace Insights

In-Depth Discovery

Product Launch Strategies


•   Expert Interviews
•   User Interviews
•   Stakeholder Interviews


•   Insights Share-Out
•   Design Strategy
•   User Journey Activation Roadmap
•   Industrial Design