A Biotech Company Elevates the Oncology Treatment Experience

With increasing headwinds on the horizon, a major Southern California biotech company needed to maintain the value of a key oncology treatment for doctors, payers, and administrators.


The Issue

Maintaining the value of treatments over time is a difficult proposition for myriad reasons. When a major biotechnology company was faced with the proposition of a treatment potentially losing value to stakeholders, they turned to WHOA to help them uncover some untapped areas of value.

Given the highly specialized field of therapy, oncology, it was critical to understand current health care provider operations in depth.


The Solution

Working in very close collaboration with the client, we engaged several major care providers to understand their operational processes better as it relates to oncology treatment. Our health care provider informants were able to walk us through every stage in the process – from ordering, to preparation, to administration, to reimbursement, and more – which enabled us to identify critical points in the process where the company may be able to add value or relieve tension, which can ultimately aid in driving usage and access.

Services Provided

In-Depth Discovery


•   Expert Interviews
•   Co-Creation Labs


•   Insights Share-Out
•   User Journey Activation Roadmap
•   Innovation Opportunity Areas