A Smart Home Giant Looks to Redefine the Home

With technology rapidly redefining what makes a house into a home, one of the largest manufacturers of smart home devices sought to take a step back to better understand how users shape and define their homes.


The Issue

With competition in the smart home arena rapidly intensifying, a major smart home device manufacturer needed a clear path and strategy to differentiate themselves from competitors. With the myriad processes and experiences which occur within the home, understanding how technology can help shape and enable people to live their best lives in the home becomes a fascinating and daunting challenge.


The Solution

Over 80+ hours of fieldwork, we went deep into the inner life of smart home customers to understand the emotional context, routines within, and the outward expression of their homes. Utilizing ethnography, co-creation, and more, we developed design principles and an overall brand vision to aid in the development of future smart home products and services.

Services Provided

Whitespace Insights

In-Depth Discovery

New Directions

Brand Vision and Purpose


•   Ethnography
•   Co-Creation Labs
•   Diary Studies
•   Design Stimul Activities
•   Analagous Product Research


•   Insights Share-Out
•   Design Strategy
•   Customer Videos
•   Innovation Opportunities