A Major Hearing Aid Manufacturer Confronts a New Marketplace

When a major hearing aid manufacturer faced the reality of a market shifting toward over the counter, we helped them craft a winning strategy fast.


The Issue

With many healthcare services successfully moving direct-to-consumer (Smile Direct Club, Hims, etc.), the hearing aid market faced pressure and ultimately legislation to enable a DTC market in the space to lower prices and increase access. Having operated through hearing professionals and audiologists for decades, the team would need to craft a novel product, brand, and marketing strategy for this new reality.


The Solution

In collaboration with the manufacturer, we conducted consumer and industry research, which culminated in the creation of a product, brand, and marketing strategy. The core strategic element was finding the numerous gaps created by moving from a hearing professional led solution to a direct to consumer one. Our strategic guidance allowed them to craft marketing, product, brand, and experiential elements to not just fill the gaps, but to elevate them above the current experience.

Services Provided

New Directions

Product Launch Strategies

Brand Vision and Purpose


•   Ethnography
•   Expert Interviews
•   Co-Creation
•   Surveys
•   Market Analysis
•   Brand Strategy
•   Persona Development


•   Insights Share-Out
•   Customer Journey
•   Activation Roadmap
•   Customer Videos