An Auto Manufacturer Moves into an Electric Future

A major auto manufacturer wanted to test the appeal of an innovative new electric SUV concept with the potential to upend consumer expectations.


The Issue

With consumer tastes shifting and competition in the electric vehicle space intensifying, the need to stand out is more significant than ever. To push themselves to the front of consumers' minds, a major automotive manufacturer developed an advanced prototype with numerous, never before seen features. However, they had no idea if these ideas would resonate with customers. Would they be seen as useful, or merely superfluous?


The Solution

WHOA worked with the design and engineering teams to undertake an in-depth product testing and co-creational workshop. Customers were able to use and interact with a semi-functional prototype so that we could observe and engage them on how they might potentially use the novel features we proposed.

Services Provided

Product Launch Strategies

New Directions


•   Co-Creation
•   Product Testing
•   Design Stimuli Activities


•   Insights Share-Out
•   Design Strategy
•   Customer Videos
•   Iterative Product Refinements