If what you want is to know what they want, you’ve come to the right place.


An innovation agency with agency operating on a global scale.


WHOA is an independent, vigorously-vetted research and strategy agency. We approach everything we do with razor-sharp precision, unwavering honesty and an unapologetic POV from seasoned veterans and industry experts.

In short, we’re creators, conductors and truth distillers. If you’re looking for comprehensive research that is professionally conducted and expertly culled into insights tailored to grow your business, you’re in the right place.


 Real Results. Not Reruns. 



Predict the unpredictable and identify today’s cultural patterns that lead to tomorrow’s innovations.

In a colloquial sense, we’re well-versed in the art of "finding needs people didn’t know they have" to grow businesses in ways that were once thought to be impossible. Our team brings the social science chops required to identify cultural insights and the design strategy acumen to make sure they’re applied for success.

Services Include:

•   Uncovering novel opportunities for value creation in new and existing markets

•   Pivoting old ways of thinking through novel insights and refreshed strategies


Deep dives into new markets for growth opportunities to expand your share of the pie.

Been there. Done that. Created a better way to do it. We married ethnography and strategy to form the perfect union that enables both discovery and development of key human insights into new business opportunities.

Services Include:

•   Finding, mapping and evaluating opportunities across different markets

•   Discovering and defining a new long-term direction for a product or company


When it comes to revealing what drives people's wants and needs, there's no such things as TMI.

In-depth discovery means knowing people better than they know themselves. The process takes a lot more than a questionnaire and round table discussion under fluorescent lights. We discover what matters most to people through a process that starts with and ends in customer empathy.

Services Include:

•   Crafting a more holistic view of a target customer

•   Understanding the customer’s use of a product or service in a deep, cultural context


Consider it a crystal ball for business opportunity... except real, objective and actually useful.

We can’t use our powers to reveal winning lotto numbers but we can help your business grow and innovate for tomorrow. Which is sort of like winning the lottery, except more rewarding and with less distant relatives showing up out of nowhere.

Services Include:

•   Identifying potential future trajectories for cultural, technological, and design trends and how it will affect one’s business

•   Finding a valuable future niche within future scenarios

Product Launch Strategies

You did the research, made the prototypes and your baby is ready for market. Now what?

A proper introduction is critical whether you’re meeting a person or a new product. With the right launch strategy, the multifaceted nuance of going to market is respected, considered and bespoke to your business goals. That should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway because it’s that important.

Services Include:

•   Developing foundational insights and crafting a value proposition for a new product in order to win in the market

•   Identifying target markets, pricing, and key product attributes

Brand Vision and Purpose

If there's one thing that war, sports and brands all have in common, it's that they require great positioning.

Not to get too philosophical, but: why does your business exist? Does your answer answer your customers’ ultimate question, “What’s in it for me?” Having a brand vision with vision is the most important guiding principle for any business.

It can seem simple, but that’s only because advertising execs turn company mission statements into two word taglines.

Services Include:

•   Taking a deep dive into the customer’s experience of a brand in order craft a superior vision and execution of the brand.

•   Insights into how the brand is experienced by target customers in order to pivot and evolve the brand as necessary.


No fluff, no filler, no assumptions. Every project starts from scratch and ends in personalized insights.


There is no B-team.

Your project can’t get passed on to the lower tier employees if we don’t have them.

With the right amount of cooks in the kitchen, with less overhead and less actual heads, our streamlined operating model allows us to stay focused on your results.

Boutique approach, global scope.

Independent, expert, nimble, present. We’re adept because we can adapt to discover new business opportunities of any size.

And while this work requires travel (sometimes to the farthest reaches of the globe) we’re never far away. In a figurative sense. Open lines of communication, eagerness to collaborate and an personalized approach to your business is the foundation of our business.

Our process can't be patented.

One-size-fits-all barely works in clothing and it absolutely doesn’t work in innovation.

There’s no book, no podcast, no copyrighted “Process” – just you, your business and how we see the best opportunities for growth and innovation. We use the right tool for the job, from design thinking to lean startup methodologies to develop a personalized program designed to extract the maximum value out of your unique position.