We are an independent research driven innovation agency.


WHOA brings new venture opportunities to life.

We help companies identify, develop, and launch product, service, and digital ventures. Our process turns insights into scalable, high-value ventures through high quality research, innovative business thinking, and human centered design.



Insights built on serious methodology and professional interpretation, rather than under-analyzed data without context.

Innovation begins with empathy.  We employ a range of research techniques to learn more about customers than they know about themselves. Leveraging this research, we deliver a professional interpretation as well as a POV on how to turn insights into high-value results.


Expect more than spreadsheets, vague summaries, blind action items, data points and PowerPoints.

In addition to understanding customers, we know the needs of Fortune 100 companies. That’s why our research insights are coupled with tangible strategies that make sense for your business.


If having an idea was enough, Einstein wouldn’t have that saying about inspiration versus perspiration.

Our design approach is built around principles of human centered design and iterative development. We rigorously test and continually refine designs from idea through executed product or service.


Not Jacks-of-all trades, but masters of a sizable number.

Our methodology blends design thinking, entrepreneurship, empathy and experimentation into a service offering built to deliver one thing: exceptional results. 

Agile and Independent

Our independence keeps our client’s interests at the heart of everything we do. Because your business interest is our business interest. Literally.

Streamlined Service

With the right amount of cooks in the kitchen, with less overhead and less actual heads, our streamlined operating model allows us to stay focused on your results.

End to End Process

Our process, from discovery through development, is designed to deliver functional exploratory product and service ventures for your business.